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printed with permission from Amy Mank of Trekking Green What if I told you that you could look amazing, while helping children attend school, helping women receive a good income, and saving the planet? Great news!! You can with sustainable fashion! Sustainable fashion is a philosophical approach to fashion whereby garments and accessories are produced in a sustainable way (i.e. in a way that could theoretically continue indefinitely without harming the environment), using eco-friendly materials such as organic fibres, eco fibres, and recycled yarns, with further consideration given to issues such as energy efficient production, workers’ rights, biodegradable packaging, and carbon footprint as a result of transportation. ~Fashion A to Z: An Illustrated Dictionary by Alex Newman and Zakee Shariff There are many qualities that can help to lead you to sustainable, ethical, and better made garments. Now, I won’t tell you which qualities are most important because I think Read More

Guest Blogger: Fashion Different in the City Different

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In case you missed it: The Original Story titled, “After Terror Attacks, the Show Must Go On for Paris Fashion” by Thomas Adamson Thomas Adamson can be followed at I was taken by the cover picture of the model wearing bearing the words, written on plastic, “Stop Terrorizing our World” Looking pale, with makeup almost hinting at “A Clockwork Orange” but more obviously the Eye of Horus, and maybe even hints of the Turkish Nazar: the evil eye protection talisman – made a striking and solid image in my heart. We live in a culture where our deepest sentiments are often printed on the front of a tshirt. Fashion is notoriously shallow. It is competitive. It is commercial. It is whitewashed. It is wasteful. It is harmful. There are many, many things ‘wrong’ with the world of Fashion today. It is at it’s best when it’s giving us something meaningful Read More

The Show Must Go On, Indeed: A response to Paris ...

Fashion Week Success and the role of the Fashion Incubator   I’ve often wondered what benefits could be made to a designer by their participation in a fashion incubator. Quite frankly, I myself have toyed with the idea of starting one in Santa Fe. As an ex-stockbroker, I am familiar with business incubators and have watched many businesses grow from incubator to a full-fledge business. As one of the Executive Producers for Santa Fe Fashion Week, I understand what is that we hope to achieve and the steps it takes to get there. Often, I have found that the expectations of designers who are new to the scene are not congruent to the reality of what a Fashion Week is and does. What a Fashion Week Is A Fashion Week is a springboard to success. We create the event and provide the venue. We generate and manage the huge amount Read More

Featuring Seattle Fashion Incubator

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Building Fashion Brands Often designers wonder how to create their fashion brands, and wonder where to start when branding themselves. Honestly, there are many books and articles out there – the more you read, the better. In this article, Stephen Cuomo, Executive Producer of Santa Fe Fashion Week, gives advice about pitfalls one can avoid when building fashion brands. -Amanda Caserta Branding Yourself Branding is where the money is. There is a need and calling for you to brand yourself and your fashion brand. All fashion brands have their loyalists. Top luxury brands such as Lexus, Tom Ford, and Wynn are high end brands that charge a premium for their perceived added value. Where does this value come from? In a word: Branding! “ “Consumers today are buying into a lot more then just a commodity” said Marc Beckman, co-founder of Designers Management Agency, which reps Proenza Schouler, Andre Leon Talley and Nicola Read More

Building Fashion Brands

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by Stephen Cuomo, Executive Producer Santa Fe Fashion Week Here Stephen Interviews Dara of Runway Apparel in Albuquerque on what she’s looking for – as a boutique owner – when looking at a new label/designer for her private boutique. Dara Ambriz, a self proclaimed fashionista and once-aspiring fashion designer, loves fashion and understands the business of fashion. In our conversation, she spoke about hosting a pop up store for a week or so to see how receptive her clients are to the new brand. She often visits trade shows as well as fashion weeks and finds the convenience of meeting with several designers at one event to be very convenient. Dara enjoys seeing what is latest and is in search of rising stars. I asked Dara if she buys the clothing out-right or if she does consignment. She said that depends on the individual designers. According to her, there is Read More

Boutique Owners Want Your Designer Label!

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At first glance, it appears that Santa Fe Fashion Week Shop n Stroll began when I first hosted a Fashion Show at Metrix Fine Art Gallery, which I fondly called the “Art of Fashion”. Regina, the curator of the gallery, located in Historic Nob Hill in Albuquerque, was kind enough to allow me to host a fashion show there. Regina removed the sculptures that were located throughout the gallery, and we replaced them with 2 1/2 by 2 1/2 foot elevated boxes. The models would come out from the green room/”dressing room”, walk throughout the gallery, go to the first platform, and then pose like mannequins for a couple of minutes. They would then move onto the next platform, followed by another model in a different look. Although I would like to take credit for such a wonderful idea, the fine art of Fashion Illustration took center stage, combining the Read More

Steve Cuomo: The Origins of Santa Fe Fashion Week Shop ...

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I’ve decided to contribute to our fashion blog to cover the business side of fashion. I’ve been asked, “Who are you to produce a fashion week?” (not being a fashion designer) and better yet, “Why would you build a Fashion Week in New Mexico?”.  Surprising to many, early on I first began hosting fashion events in – of all cities – Albuquerque. My vision, at that time, was to connect people. I liked the idea of “building bridges”. What a wonderful tool Facebook has been! I always say social media can be used for both good or evil – and to occasionally post what you’ve had for dinner. From companies going public, to stocks going bust, my background as a financial consultant at Merrill Lynch and later Smith Barney, have given me a special insight as to how money flows.  Although I’m not a fashion designer – I am an artist, Read More

Executive Producer Steve Cuomo’s “Business of Fashion” Blog Debut

Many of Monicas’ days are spent with her daughter, Destiny of Destinista Fashions in their beautiful boutique. Another day, flowing through her onto canvas, is her beautiful artwork. On another she’s creating fashionable jewelry and handbags to go along with her daughters fashion label. She’s modeling clothing and featuring her accessories and has even been found on a runway at local fashion shows! It’s glamorous, wonderful, and a ton of work. There’s traveling and moving racks. In and out of cars, phone calls, planning, and appointments. Such is a day in the life of, but what most people wouldn’t know is just where all of that creative energy comes from. Monicas whirlwind days aren’t like most of us. Monica is a survivor. A fighter. A beacon of strength for those of us who know and understand what it is to live with debilitating pain and suffering. She fights cancer, and Read More

Phoenix Rising – Monica Duran of Monista Arts

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I’ve owed you guys this blog for quite sometime now! It’s been a busy month of calling buyers, running webpages (a big part of my day job) and helping to bring our 2014 Fashion Week event to you with a bang! We have so many more designers this year, and it’s also time to start putting out those press releases – not to mention we’re building our retail website… and I’m going to let it slip that we’re going to do some VERY exciting things within the 3D printing industry – just wait! It’s going to be so big, and it’s absolutely going to revolutionize the fashion industry – and we’re at the forefront! The implications for manufacturing are endless, and I just can’t wait to see what my lovelies come up with.  Don’t know what that means? You will soon! So speaking of industry, manufacturing, and being at the Read More

Part 2 of 2 – I’ve Missed You! (From Concept ...

  At SFFW we have a pretty good history (tongue-in-cheek there!) of working with designers who are so creative, exciting, and worthwhile to produce with, but just don’t have the foggiest of what they’re supposed to do once they have their design and first garment made. What’s next? How to go to market? While we do pretty well (there I go again!) at putting on a fantastic show, and bringing the right people together to help each other – we aren’t in the manufacturing business. So what’d we do? We had the absolute pleasure of speaking with Leslie Mayfarth of Arrow Hawk Industries. Leslie has been in business for many years, and had plenty to say about things designers can do in order to be successful in bringing their fashions to market – from the perspective of a one-time designer to full-time manufacturer. #1. Think Long-Term Specifically, past the beautiful garment set Read More

From Concept to Market – What’s a Fashion Designer to ...

Amongst widely publicized, quoted, and re-quoted criticism about fashion in Albuquerque and its dubious lack of, 113- year-old Fashion Retail Giant Nordstroms is expanding its reach to Albuquerque, NM at Winrock Mall. I couldn’t wait to get the scoop from Naiomi Tobis at the Nordstroms HQ Media Department in Seattle, WA about the companies’ excitement and motivation to join our community. It’s been a growing trend for awhile: high-end labels like Guess, Lucky, BCBG, and Michael Kors have been trickling into the area for quite some time, creating jobs and opportunity as well as quenching our thirst for haute couture. Steven Cuomo – the Executive Producer of Santa Fe Fashion Week – said, “With the influx of people who have moved to Albuquerque for its film industry, as well as for others like myself who have previously lived in larger cities – there is a craving to get their hands Read More

Fashionable Albuquerque! – What Brought Fashion Giant Nordstrom to the ...

Fine and unusual fabrics are always a part of Susans' vision as she re-envisions Southwest Design and Apparel 3
Susan Soderberg, a fashion designer hailing from Wyoming, speaks about her love affair with all cultures, the feeling of connectedness among the people in the vast American West, dishes about her newest and hottest 2014 line of clothing, as well as how and why she uses a “green-er” fur in her designs in a phone interview by which yours truly was truly charmed . When speaking with Susan, it is abundantly clear to see how Fashion and Western American Culture are simply an ingrained part of who Susan Soderberg is as human being – she fairly gushes at the heartfelt love she feels when mixing together inspiration from different cultures in her chosen art. Not wanting to re-invent the wheel, an already fantastic article detailing her story, travels, and their role in her fashion designs can be found on the web. Unsurprisingly, Susan’s passionate story quickly made the front page Read More

Re-thinking Fur: Featuring Susan Soderberg and her take on Western ...

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Hello Again! I had planned on writing posts daily while i was at #MAGICLV. I had planned on making regular social media posts to keep everyone posted on what we were doing. I had planned on doing this and speaking with designers, buyers, and sponsors and seeing every bit of the world-class fashion trade-show that there was, all while attending pertinent classes about the business of fashion while I was there. roflmfao. So that certainly didn’t happen, but what did happen was nothing short of incredible. I was able to take a few breathtaking pictures of the desert on the way. When I finally got to see the Las Vegas strip at night I was moved to tears. I fell in love with the realness and romance of the downtown area where I saw a happy-faced musician banging away on some paint cans and other odds n ends with the Read More

Now I know why they call it MAGIC

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#SFFW is co-hosting a party @LilyBarLV @Bellagio w/ @syrupswimwear and @allieolliestore – @magicmarketweek #MAGICLV — Amanda Mayhem (@theamandamayhem) February 15, 2014 I’ve been firing up the ‘ol twitter account and daydreaming about our roadtrip to the MAGIC Tradeshow in Las Vegas! I’m looking forward to many twitters, tweets, FB updates, and Instagram photos… probably with a nice vignette filter from my phone. I soooooo can’t wait to feast my eyes on the latest and hottest fashions – considering that not only is my ca-rEEr in fashion, but this trip will be my first REAL trip to Las Vegas, Nevada – what a dream! I can’t wait to tell the world every juicy detail, and live every beautiful moment that presents itself. I just know I’m going to meet so many wonderful people and connect with just the right buyers to sit their butts in my Santa Fe Fashion Week Read More

Ready for a #Roadtrip to #MAGICLV !!!

“Father Cuomo”, heading up the fashion industry in the southwest, is pulling for more community support Affectionately dubbed “Father Cuomo” by his fans, the Italian New York Native and Las Vegas fashion guru has his last Santa Fe Fashion Week (SFFW) just months behind him, and the 2014 four-day Fashion Week is continuing to grow and expand. With new educational programs, breakout sessions, and seminars for both boutique owners and designers – along with a new way to sell clothing in order “to hopefully create a stronger draw for more local designers”, Stephen is currently reaching out to Southwest communities from New Mexico, Colorado, Texas, and Arizona. The SFFW 2014 event will be held September 17th through the 20th at the Santa Fe Convention Center located at 201 W. Marcy Street Santa Fe, NM 87501. Among the opportunities presented, classes on “factoring”, (the “down-n-dirty” of the fashion business) are included along with Read More

Santa Fe Fashion Week Rolling Full Steam Ahead for 2014

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A Fun Meet-n-Greet Feb 18th – at Lily’s at the Bellagio, Featuring Fashion by Allie Ollie Designs & Syrup Swimwear Executive Producer Steve Cuomo of Santa Fe Fashion Week along with Aaron Fust of Syrup Swimwear is thrilled to be hosting a meet-n-greet with Allie Olson of Allie Ollie designs during Magic in Las Vegas. During the hustle and bustle of Magic, no one knows better than this powerhouse team the value of downtime. Syrup Swimwear designs will bedeck models as well as Allie Ollie apparel. The group looks forward to some down time with peers, for socializing and just a drop of RnR, while taking in the breathtaking fashions and beautiful models. They couldn’t have picked a better backdrop than the Lily bar and lounge at the Bellagio – known for its expansive and plush surroundings, as well as the treat of the Lightgroup’s lead Mixologist Michael Monrreal… who Read More

SFFW Helps Produce Some Much-Needed RnR at Magic

Adagio Evening Wear
The 2014 Santa Fe Fashion event keeps getting bigger. Check out our celebrity designer for the 2014 Santa Fe Fashion Week: Adagio Evening Wear, famous as the providers of evening wear on Dancing with the Stars! More information coming soon, but meanwhile Santa Fe fashion has just hit a new level of operation. Get on board with Adagio Evening Wear as our premiere celebrity designer. You want to be part of the event and find out which celebrities will be there to mingle with you! NOTE: Due to unforseen circumstances, was  not able to make it to Fashion Week 2014. In her place, we were proud to welcome Syrup Swimwear and Dugi Fashions as our premiere celebrity designers for 2014 Fashion Week.

Adagio Evening Wear: Celebrity Designer Fashion Week 2014

Allie Olson
Everyone at Santa Fe Fashion week is on fire right now, having just received the news that Allie Olson (owner, creator and shining star of the hugely hot and incredibly popular Allie Ollie Boutique in Phoenix) will be hosting both runway shows on Friday and Saturday night at the 2014 Santa Fe Fashion Week. This energetic and creative diva of fashion and style will be bringing her own flair to our biggest event to date. We are thrilled to have Allie Olson on board in such an important and influential role. For long term followers of Santa Fe Fashion Week, you will remember Allie Olson as one of major designers in the 2013 Santa Fe Fashion Week event. Her designs and concepts are still making waves across the nation, particularly in the Southwest. Allie remains on an upward spiral and followers will be adequately rewarded for being some of the Read More

Allie Olson Hosting SFFW in 2014!