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Guest Blogger: Fashion Different in the City Different

printed with permission from Amy Mank of Trekking Green What if I told you that you could look amazing, while helping children attend school, helping women receive a good income, and saving the planet? Great news!! You can with sustainable fashion! Sustainable fashion is a philosophical approach to fashion whereby garments and accessories are produced […]

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AP Photo by Francois Mori

The Show Must Go On, Indeed: A response to Paris Fashion Week 2015

In case you missed it: The Original Story titled, “After Terror Attacks, the Show Must Go On for Paris Fashion” by Thomas Adamson Thomas Adamson can be followed at I was taken by the cover picture of the model wearing bearing the words, written on plastic, “Stop Terrorizing our World” Looking pale, with makeup almost […]

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Featuring Seattle Fashion Incubator

Fashion Week Success and the role of the Fashion Incubator   I’ve often wondered what benefits could be made to a designer by their participation in a fashion incubator. Quite frankly, I myself have toyed with the idea of starting one in Santa Fe. As an ex-stockbroker, I am familiar with business incubators and have […]

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Building Fashion Brands

Building Fashion Brands Often designers wonder how to create their fashion brands, and wonder where to start when branding themselves. Honestly, there are many books and articles out there – the more you read, the better. In this article, Stephen Cuomo, Executive Producer of Santa Fe Fashion Week, gives advice about pitfalls one can avoid […]

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Boutique Owners Want Your Designer Label!

by Stephen Cuomo, Executive Producer Santa Fe Fashion Week Here Stephen Interviews Dara of Runway Apparel in Albuquerque on what she’s looking for – as a boutique owner – when looking at a new label/designer for her private boutique. Dara Ambriz, a self proclaimed fashionista and once-aspiring fashion designer, loves fashion and understands the business […]

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Steve Cuomo: The Origins of Santa Fe Fashion Week Shop and Stroll

At first glance, it appears that Santa Fe Fashion Week Shop n Stroll began when I first hosted a Fashion Show at Metrix Fine Art Gallery, which I fondly called the “Art of Fashion”. Regina, the curator of the gallery, located in Historic Nob Hill in Albuquerque, was kind enough to allow me to host […]

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Executive Producer Steve Cuomo’s “Business of Fashion” Blog Debut

I’ve decided to contribute to our fashion blog to cover the business side of fashion. I’ve been asked, “Who are you to produce a fashion week?” (not being a fashion designer) and better yet, “Why would you build a Fashion Week in New Mexico?”.  Surprising to many, early on I first began hosting fashion events in […]

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Phoenix Rising – Monica Duran of Monista Arts

Many of Monicas’ days are spent with her daughter, Destiny of Destinista Fashions in their beautiful boutique. Another day, flowing through her onto canvas, is her beautiful artwork. On another she’s creating fashionable jewelry and handbags to go along with her daughters fashion label. She’s modeling clothing and featuring her accessories and has even been […]

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Part 2 of 2 – I’ve Missed You! (From Concept to Market…)

I’ve owed you guys this blog for quite sometime now! It’s been a busy month of calling buyers, running webpages (a big part of my day job) and helping to bring our 2014 Fashion Week event to you with a bang! We have so many more designers this year, and it’s also time to start […]

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From Concept to Market – What’s a Fashion Designer to Do? (Part 1 of 2)

  At SFFW we have a pretty good history (tongue-in-cheek there!) of working with designers who are so creative, exciting, and worthwhile to produce with, but just don’t have the foggiest of what they’re supposed to do once they have their design and first garment made. What’s next? How to go to market? While we do […]

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Fashionable Albuquerque! – What Brought Fashion Giant Nordstrom to the Soon-To-Be Revitalized Winrock Mall

Amongst widely publicized, quoted, and re-quoted criticism about fashion in Albuquerque and its dubious lack of, 113- year-old Fashion Retail Giant Nordstroms is expanding its reach to Albuquerque, NM at Winrock Mall. I couldn’t wait to get the scoop from Naiomi Tobis at the Nordstroms HQ Media Department in Seattle, WA about the companies’ excitement […]

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Re-thinking Fur: Featuring Susan Soderberg and her take on Western American Culture, Social Responsibility, and a preview of her hottest 2014 designs!

Susan Soderberg, a fashion designer hailing from Wyoming, speaks about her love affair with all cultures, the feeling of connectedness among the people in the vast American West, dishes about her newest and hottest 2014 line of clothing, as well as how and why she uses a “green-er” fur in her designs in a phone […]

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Now I know why they call it MAGIC

Hello Again! I had planned on writing posts daily while i was at #MAGICLV. I had planned on making regular social media posts to keep everyone posted on what we were doing. I had planned on doing this and speaking with designers, buyers, and sponsors and seeing every bit of the world-class fashion trade-show that […]

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Ready for a #Roadtrip to #MAGICLV !!!

#SFFW is co-hosting a party @LilyBarLV @Bellagio w/ @syrupswimwear and @allieolliestore – @magicmarketweek #MAGICLV — Amanda Mayhem (@theamandamayhem) February 15, 2014 I’ve been firing up the ‘ol twitter account and daydreaming about our roadtrip to the MAGIC Tradeshow in Las Vegas! I’m looking forward to many twitters, tweets, FB updates, and Instagram photos… probably […]

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Santa Fe Fashion Week Rolling Full Steam Ahead for 2014

“Father Cuomo”, heading up the fashion industry in the southwest, is pulling for more community support Affectionately dubbed “Father Cuomo” by his fans, the Italian New York Native and Las Vegas fashion guru has his last Santa Fe Fashion Week (SFFW) just months behind him, and the 2014 four-day Fashion Week is continuing to grow […]

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SFFW Helps Produce Some Much-Needed RnR at Magic

A Fun Meet-n-Greet Feb 18th – at Lily’s at the Bellagio, Featuring Fashion by Allie Ollie Designs & Syrup Swimwear Executive Producer Steve Cuomo of Santa Fe Fashion Week along with Aaron Fust of Syrup Swimwear is thrilled to be hosting a meet-n-greet with Allie Olson of Allie Ollie designs during Magic in Las Vegas. […]

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Adagio Evening Wear: Celebrity Designer Fashion Week 2014

The 2014 Santa Fe Fashion event keeps getting bigger. Check out our celebrity designer for the 2014 Santa Fe Fashion Week: Adagio Evening Wear, famous as the providers of evening wear on Dancing with the Stars! More information coming soon, but meanwhile Santa Fe fashion has just hit a new level of operation. Get on board […]

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Allie Olson Hosting SFFW in 2014!

Everyone at Santa Fe Fashion week is on fire right now, having just received the news that Allie Olson (owner, creator and shining star of the hugely hot and incredibly popular Allie Ollie Boutique in Phoenix) will be hosting both runway shows on Friday and Saturday night at the 2014 Santa Fe Fashion Week. This […]

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