Loren Aragon

loren aragonLoren Aragon is a Native American artist and fashion designer from the Acoma Pueblo of New Mexico. Aragon was introduced to the arts at an early age, beginning with cultural arts and progressing into modern art. He maintained a connection to the arts throughout his academic career while in pursuit of a degree in mechanical engineering. After attaining his Bachelor of Science in Engineering from Arizona State University in 2004, he embarked on the career path as an engineer living and working in the Phoenix, Arizona area. About six years ago Aragon ventured back into the arts and found the passion to express his artistic talents outside of being an engineer. He continues to promote his work through Native American art exhibitions throughout the Southwest including the Santa Fe Indian Market and the Indigenous Fine Art Market (IFAM).


Loren is driven by the idea that art would refine his ancestral connection and strengthen his connection with family. Aragon’s early artistic developments began under the mentorship of his mother. Later on his uncle, a metalsmith, taught him the fundamentals of jewelry making. His mother and aunt have been seamstresses for most of their lives and teachings from his matriarchs is the foundation for his fashion progression. Living outside his community and establishing a career in engineering has led to a number of new experiences for Aragon. It has also allowed him to observe a necessity to find a means of cultural preservation for his people. The venture into various mediums and forms of artistic expression are necessary for Loren to lead a progression of his people beyond the ancestral arts. Over the years he has progressed through the cultural arts, illustration, sculpture, jewelry, and into fashion design.


Fashion design is another means for Loren to express his artistic talents. It allows him to capture ideas predominantly influenced by the pottery culture and traditional dress of the Acoma people. The ACONAV collections continue upon the influences of the monochrome/polychrome pottery designs of the Acoma people with traditional dress elements as highlights to modern looks.