Santa Fe Fashion Week’s Producers are working hard to make 2018 even bigger and better than before! 

 Stephen Cuomo, Executive Producer

Santa Fe Fashion Week is directed by fashion-visionary and New York-native Stephen Cuomo. Stephen left his monotonous career as a stockbroker and land-developer to pursue something that could really nourish and feed his inner artistic spark. Stephen is the heart and soul of Santa Fe Fashion Week – with both unique and expansive spaces being his blank canvas, he is able to envision spectacular shows while having the ability to stay “en pointe” and “make things happen” with his steely tenacity and sharp business sense. With several years of experience producing high-energy fashion shows and networking events throughout Albuquerque and Santa Fe, Stephen has a passion for creating quality events within new emerging markets. In 2010 he began focusing his talent in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Combining his experience in event planning and marketing, he produced several fashion shows on PBS, showcasing emerging designers, models, and make-up artists. With two fashion weeks under his belt, and this year being his most spectacular third successful fashion-week, he is really looking forward to launching careers for emerging designers and continuing to add value to community and the business of fashion over the next coming decades.




Ezra Estes, Runway Coordinator

Those of us who have been to a fashion show or who have at least live-streamed them, know what a chaotic mess they can be, not to mention backstage, were the models have all of 45 seconds to one minute to get hair/makeup touched up while dressing and undressing to get back on the runway.

To Ezra, being a fashion coordinator entails such things as keeping a clear path for models to “run” through, making sure the flow of the runway is consistent, and ensuring that designers are able to breathe.  Stephen Cuomo mentioned once to Ezra that major shows in his native New York often-times started anywhere from 15 to 20 minutes late!  SFFW has been so fortunate to have Ezra with us, because it is Ezras commitment that, “If he has anything to do with this, then that will not be the case…” Whew, what a relief!

Lisa Sabrina Trautwein Model Ambassador

Lisa was born and raised in New Mexico and began modeling when she was eighteen when a photographer asked her to help him build his portfolio. This experience opened a creative outlet in Lisa that has driven her to pursue many aspects of modeling, photoshoot design, hair and makeup, and most recently acting. She is well known in the photography and modeling community here in New Mexico and has appeared in several magazines including two front cover and feature spreads.

Lisa is also a Fitness Nutrition Specialist recognized by the National Academy of Sports Medicine, and a certified yoga instructor. Her passion for wellness and desire to help others has inspired her new practice of integrated wellness consulting.



Taylor Thorne Model Ambassador

Taylor Thorne is originally from Ulyanovsk, Russia and grew up in Santa Fe, New Mexico. She has always been interested in fashion and pursuing a career in the fashion industry. She remembers, even as a child, reading the Sunday Styles section of the New York Times and always getting excited for events like the Oscars and the Grammys to see all the designs that would be showcased. Fashion and being a model is an outlet for her self expression and creativity.

Taylor majored in Russian and political science at the University of New Mexico. She is an avid outdoor enthusiast and has been playing tennis since she was seven.



Tonja Heller Model Ambassador

tonja hellerTonja Heller has been into modeling and acting for approximately 17 years andhad the opportunity to attend modeling classes with Barbizon Modeling School at the age of 15. With numerous background roles in television shows such as Longmire and Breaking Bad, Tonja is an experienced actor as well as as a published model. She experience in glamour, commercial/print, promotional and a fair amount experience in fashion and runway over the last few years.

I truly enjoy working in the fashion industry, big or small, while helping to promote our local designers and boutique owners in New Mexico. It has been an honor to work with Santa Fe Fashion Week and to be named a Brand Ambassador. I am extremely excited to see what the future holds.”-Tonja Heller

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