Allie Olson

allie olsonAllie Olson is an Arizona Designer and Retailer who owns three Allie Ollie Boutiques throughout Arizona. After five years as a successful Retailer and Buyer, her passion for real women of all ages and sizes led her to begin designing collections.

Allie’s unique understanding of “real women” gives her an edge in the fashion industry. She designs stylish, timeless pieces for ladies seeking a sophisticated blend of function and fashion. Her passion for real women of all ages and sizes inspired her to create her debut collection, “Ensemble by Allie Ollie,” with them in mind. The majority of the collection sold out immediately after it’s release, sparking immense anticipation for her Holiday 2013 and Spring 2014 collections. Her goal with “Ensemble” was to redefine mix and match, pumping vibrant color, bold patterns, and an infusion of pizzazz into boring basics. The result is a collection of highly versatile pieces that easily transition from travel to career, daytime to evening, and appeal to a multi-generational range of women. One piece offers endless possibilities.

In 2005, Allie was named a National Association of Women Business Owners (NAWBO) Entrepreneurial Excellence Award honoree. She continues to infuse fun and flair into her designs, crafting elegant pieces for women who enjoy feeling both beautiful and comfortable.