Amazon Rocks “Project Runway’s” World

In Amazon’s never ending quest for world dominance or at least all things retail, Amazon creates a sweat heart deal for Emmy Award winners and host of Project Runway Hiedi Klum and Tim Gunn.

If you search for the TV shows you will come across various programs that are especially introduced for fashion lovers. You must have seen various shows such as “Project Runway” in which a new fashion designer is introduced in the industry and display some of the best emerging designers that may not be recognized in the industry yet. The main theme of all these shows is to display the work and give talented individuals a platform to get introduced in the industry. It seems like Amazon is ready to do the same thing and here is how they are taking control.


Learn more about the world of fashion
The biggest attraction of the show is going to be some secrets of the fashion industry that you have ever heard about. We have always heard that there is some dirty secret of the industry because this is what the media would display. However, if you will pay closer attention you will surely come to find out that there are many amazing people and designers in the industry who would help each other to assure that everyone will get successful. There are some heartwarming stories in the show that would not only surprise you but also make you love this industry.

Get a chance to hear from stars from Project Runway
Amazon in its drive to dominate the fashion industry is leveraging their retail and streaming capabilities to launch its own fashion show utilizing the star power off Emmy Award Winners Tim Gunn and Heidi Klum. In a statement “I am saying Auf Wiedersehen “To Project Runway” a show that I was honored to host and help create”

Bottom line

Make sure that you watch the show because it something you should not miss. Another important news to know is that Santa Fe Fashion Week is your perfect chance to know about some of the top designers of the industry. Santa Fe Fashion Week has always supported the emerging designers that have showed on ‘Project Runway” we’ve featured Richard Hallmarq, Ari South, Emily Payne, and Daniel Esquivel just to name a few. We look forward to watching who will carry the torch on Bravo’s “Project Runway’. Reps for Bravo said in a statement “Bravo is Proud to bring Project Runway back to where it all began and Heidi and Tim will always be a part of our legacy” We agree with Jennifer Salke the new head of Amazon Studios “Heidi Klum completely changed the television landscape by developing a competitive reality fashion series that was unproven and different from what was popular on air”. I will continue to follow this story. I am excited to announce that my team has a fashion tv show under development as well.

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