Amy Bond

Amy Bond
Amy Bond made in LA

Project Runway Season 16 taught me that leaps of faith are necessary and exciting, regardless of where they land you.

Working with and around such diverse talent reinforced to me that change and growth are always possible, and the opportunity to do both should never be turned down.  There will always be critics, ‘haters’, and those that just don’t understand. At the end of the day, you have to do what you love.

I believe fashion is Art, albeit a practical one. One of the thrills and challenges to the reality of fashion design is bending to the necessary confines while imagining and developing new realities.

Opening up my own label in Los Angles taught me the meaning of sacrifice and the necessity of willpower. Following the wholesale collections was a series of retail stores; culminating in undertaking a massive space in the One Colorado shopping district of Pasadena, CA.

Returning to school and earning a Masters of Fine Art in Fashion Design showed me that the expanding world of technology has an exciting and innovative trajectory for fashion, and enticed me with its possibilities. The resulting show at New York Fashion Week struck me with the worlds’ constant need for creative pageantry and the reigning power of fashion.

I believe when you have something to give, you should share it with those who make an effort to receive. There is always something that comes in return.

Taking this knowledge into the classroom as a teacher showed me a new avenue of shared energy and expression, and blended a deep seeded love of clothes with an expanding repertory of words.

This is my vision, my world, and I am Amy Bond.