Emily Payne

emily payneEmily Payne is a San Francisco based fashion designer who has been building and creating looks for women since 1997. A graduate from the Art Institute of Dallas, Emily found her love for “creating garments specifically to throw amazing fashion show events” early on in her career and continues to participate in runway shows with her role in the Lifetime network series Project Runway Season 13 and Project Runway Allstars Season 5.
Directly out of design school, Emily started up her first street-wear label called “BRICK” which won her acclaim as “the San Francisco street wear brand”
A divorce from her husband/business partner caused her to regroup in 2003. Emily moved to Los Angeles, married her soul mate Isaac Payne, and began work as a private label designer focusing on cut&sew knits for tops and dresses. She worked for Kill City (Lipservice) and other private label companies selling high volume to Hot Topic, Urban Outfitters, and Forever 21.
In 2007, Emily and Isaac had a baby girl. Emily was inspired to create the baby and child’s label, “DevonRose” named after her daughter. Devon Rose quickly gained fans for it’s edgy silhouettes, keen attention to detail and use of uniquely beautiful textiles. www.devonrosekids.com
The family relocated to San Francisco in 2011 and started up her new women’s label “Leathertongue” named after an excerpt in a poem created by her husband. Leathertongue is a high-end street wear label for fashion forward women who want to show their femininity , but with a sharp edge. www.leathertongue.net
Emily will be releasing a new luxury outwear unisex line this September as well as a new website that connects all the lines (womens/childrens/mens) www.houseofpayne.co
Emily is also available for private consultations on custom pieces by appointment.
Fashion Week is September 26th thru October 1st, 2016