Erin Green

erin green

Erin Green was discovered by Tyra Banks of VH1’s America’s Next Top Model….after lifting the age limit she became the first ever 15th contestant to redefine the definition of beauty. Defying the odds, Erin is a woman of ageless beauty set out to prove there is no age limit to being fierce, smart and successful. With a purpose to empower others to be the best versions of themselves, Erin is motivated to turn her own blemishes into success as a Model, Mentor and Speaker.

As a victim of childhood bullying, Erin has. realized that the ugliest parts of her story has become the most beautiful parts of her story; which has helped her to find her own self-worth, take risks and build confidence. As a result, she is the Founder of, Twin of A Kind Foundation, ( an organization that motivates and encourages youth/young adults to see their potential by promoting positive energy and building self-esteem through modeling and real-life lessons. One of Erin’s accomplishments is creating the Pretty Girl Retreat Conference ( to help young ladies to embrace their true potential in order to cultivate and empower their own entrepreneurial spirit.