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Karen Daniels, the creator of Tess Jewelry, currently lives in St. Louis, MO, and grew up on a farm in Illinois.

On the farm she craved the city life and the fashion scene.
In the city she craved the outdoors and the ease of farm life.

After retiring from 20 years of working in fashion, the outdoors once again took over…..hiking, biking, skiing!
Nothing in her jewelry box seemed to work.

That fueled her creative juices and Tess Jewelry was born.

Tess pieces are comprised of real pearls, wrapped in suede and knotted into lavish strands. Karen adds turquoise, carved wooden beads, bone, quartz and other natural findings that make each creation one-of-a-kind.

Layering strand after strand, dressing yourself in elegant pearls. Think CHANEL gone BOHEMIAN. This is Tess Jewelry.

Each piece of Tess jewelry is handmade and and as much an individual as you are. Each is comprised of real pearls and precious stones that are hand-knotted with flat lace suede or deerskin suede. They can be worn a variety of ways and although intended as necklaces, the also look beautiful around the wrist.

Because each piece is one-of-a-kind, please understand that the images here are intended to provide a general idea of the different styles of Tess necklaces that are available. Exact stones and details vary and are based upon availability, as well as creative license. Unless specified or otherwise requested, all Tess necklaces are 42 inches in length and can be triple wrapped.

Your preferences and guidance are welcome and encouraged when ordering a piece of Tess jewelry but please know that part of the charm is having a certain element of surprise upon receiving your piece. That said, the intent is for 100% customer satisfaction.

tess jewelry karen daniels
tess jewelry karen daniels
karen daniels tess jewelry
tess jewelry karen daniels