Kathy Beal

kathy beale

Kathy Beal is a contemporary visual artist, photographer, and designer, who currently uses photography to create inspirational abstract images. She uses soft focused images from her cameras as a starting point for her sensual, mystical, meditative, modern images; inspirational abstractions. These images and techniques are the basis for her signature line of fabric and scarf designs.
Kathy has always had a love for fabrics, fabric design, and silk – 20 years ago she was hand painting silk designs. With the utilization of today’s fabric printing technologies, she has been able to translate her fine art creations into luxurious hand crafted silk scarves.
Kathy has exhibited her fine art throughout the US, and her works can be found in many corporate installations and private collections.

Her home and studio/gallery are located in Lamy, New Mexico – just outside of Santa Fe.

Her signature scarves are available worldwide – to purchase through her website: www.KathyBealSignature.com

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