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02 Feb: Adagio Evening Wear: Celebrity Designer Fashion Week 2014

The 2014 Santa Fe Fashion event keeps getting bigger. Check out our celebrity designer for the 2014 Santa Fe Fashion Week: Adagio Evening Wear, famous as the providers of evening wear on Dancing with the Stars! More information coming soon, but meanwhile Santa Fe fashion has just hit a new level of operation. Get on board with Adagio Evening Wear as our premiere celebrity designer. You want to be part of the event and find out which celebrities will be there to mingle with you! NOTE: Due to unforseen circumstances, was  not able to make it to Fashion Week 2014. In her place, we were proud to welcome Syrup Swimwear and Dugi Fashions as our premiere celebrity designers for 2014 Fashion Week.

02 Feb: Allie Olson Hosting SFFW in 2014!

Everyone at Santa Fe Fashion week is on fire right now, having just received the news that Allie Olson (owner, creator and shining star of the hugely hot and incredibly popular Allie Ollie Boutique in Phoenix) will be hosting both runway shows on Friday and Saturday night at the 2014 Santa Fe Fashion Week. This energetic and creative diva of fashion and style will be bringing her own flair to our biggest event to date. We are thrilled to have Allie Olson on board in such an important and influential role. For long term followers of Santa Fe Fashion Week, you will remember Allie Olson as one of major designers in the 2013 Santa Fe Fashion Week event. Her designs and concepts are still making waves across the nation, particularly in the Southwest. Allie remains on an upward spiral and followers will be adequately rewarded for being some of the…

15 Dec: Savvy Boutique Beckons

Now that our second year of Santa Fe Fashion Week (SSFW) is in our rear view mirrors, there has been much buzz around the office about Savvy Boutique – our feature designer last year – and what direction they’ll follow with their line in 2014. In order to whet our appetite after Savvys’ spectacular 2013 showing my assistant, Amanda and I, decided to take our curiosity on the road and took a trip to the historic Nob Hill area, located in Albuquerque at the corner of Central and Wellesley, nearby Two Fools Tavern. Also lovingly known as RT. 66, Nob Hill boasts a variety of architecture from its already hip beginnings on through the great post-war era. Well known for its association with Route 66, Americana lovers and classic car enthusiasts alike fall in love with the still-brightly lit neon signs, classic cars, and the pleasant urban feel. Many can…


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