SFFW Helps Produce Some Much-Needed RnR at Magic

A Fun Meet-n-Greet Feb 18th – at Lily’s at the Bellagio, Featuring Fashion by Allie Ollie Designs & Syrup Swimwear

WWD MagicExecutive Producer Steve Cuomo of Santa Fe Fashion Week along with Aaron Fust of Syrup Swimwear is thrilled to be hosting a meet-n-greet with Allie Olson of Allie Ollie designs during Magic in Las Vegas. During the hustle and bustle of Magic, no one knows better than this powerhouse team the value of downtime. Syrup Swimwear designs will bedeck models as well as Allie Ollie apparel.

The group looks forward to some down time with peers, for socializing and just a drop of RnR, while taking in the breathtaking fashions and beautiful models. They couldn’t have picked a better backdrop than the Lily bar and lounge at the Bellagio – known for its expansive and plush surroundings, as well as the treat of the Lightgroup’s lead Mixologist Michael Monrreal… who is said to have created some signature drinks to “put your lover in the mood”.

Get to know Aaron Fust, Allie Olson, and Steve Cuomo during Magic in Las Vegas, NV. February 18th from 9-11pm; register NOW to get in on all the MAGIC!