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24 Aug: Guest Blogger: Fashion Different in the City Different

printed with permission from Amy Mank of Trekking Green What if I told you that you could look amazing, while helping children attend school, helping women receive a good income, and saving the planet? Great news!! You can with sustainable fashion! Sustainable fashion is a philosophical approach to fashion whereby garments and accessories are produced in a sustainable way (i.e. in a way that could theoretically continue indefinitely without harming the environment), using eco-friendly materials such as organic fibres, eco fibres, and recycled yarns, with further consideration given to issues such as energy efficient production, workers’ rights, biodegradable packaging, and carbon footprint as a result of transportation. ~Fashion A to Z: An Illustrated Dictionary by Alex Newman and Zakee Shariff There are many qualities that can help to lead you to sustainable, ethical, and better made garments. Now, I won’t tell you which qualities are most important because I think…