Now I know why they call it MAGIC

Hello Again!

Lookout #MAGICLV: We're coming for you!
Lookout #MAGICLV: We’re coming for you!

I had planned on writing posts daily while i was at #MAGICLV. I had planned on making regular social media posts to keep everyone posted on what we were doing. I had planned on doing this and speaking with designers, buyers, and sponsors and seeing every bit of the world-class fashion trade-show that there was, all while attending pertinent classes about the business of fashion while I was there.


So that certainly didn’t happen, but what did happen was nothing short of incredible. I was able to take a few breathtaking pictures of the desert on the way. When I finally got to see the Las Vegas strip at night I was moved to tears. I fell in love with the realness and romance of the downtown area where I saw a happy-faced musician banging away on some paint cans and other odds n ends with the outdoor canopy lit up behind him on Freemont street.  At a little bar in the corner nearby, people were really letting loose and dancing, loudly and drunkenly proclaiming that they were representing New Orleans where they hailed from.

middle of desert magic
pulled over somewhere in the middle of the desert



she's 12!
Isabella Rose Taylor 12 year old! Designer

What was the most magic about MAGIC, however, were the very real and exciting connections I made there. I was so pleased to find other people who just seemed like me – the last thing I expected on this trip was to feel this awesome sense of connection. I found wonderful couples who had built their business from the ground up. People who joked about being “all over the place” and simply mad with creativity and positive energy. On the last day, I met a lovely and incredible woman while handling a particularly tense situation at home and noticed my demeanor and instantly reached out to help – this was my first trip to Las Vegas and my first MAGIC show… this was her fourth show, and said that “this happens to everyone“. (I found myself taking a deep breath and quiet moment on a bench, and she noticed my rather tense demeanor, and reached right out. She was from the LA Fashion Magazine doing the photo shoot there… Yana, I <3 you!) I loved the lovely fun couple from Miami, and the couple who makes fine artisan hand-made shoes from Brooklyn. I also met an inspiring 12 year old designer and a lovely woman whose brand in versatile women’s-wear was right in line with our brand here at Santa Fe Fashion Week.  As I’m unwinding this week, and we’ve since sent out our designer packages, I can’t wait to post more pictures of our wonderful time there. It felt spiritual, and awesome each time we made a connection with someone who felt special and connected to us and who we are. My feet were swollen – they looked like Fred Flintstones’ feet! – but my heart and soul grew with the idea that there really is a strong push in the industry toward being responsible and caring and real people with the same passion for fashion as us. I used to think I was just weird, but since reflecting on my time there, I really feel like I have found my tribe.

at the bellagio
At the Bellagio with Aaron Fust of Syrup Swimwear

Thank you so much, every one of you – whom I hope not to forget to include in these coming weeks – for making this trip real and true and special. Things worth having, and doing and making are worth working for, but following my bliss every day makes not one iota of this feel like work. It feels more like labor pains…