Ready for a #Roadtrip to #MAGICLV !!!

I’ve been firing up the ‘ol twitter account and daydreaming about our roadtrip to the MAGIC Tradeshow in Las Vegas! I’m looking forward to many twitters, tweets, FB updates, and Instagram photos… probably with a nice vignette filter from my phone. I soooooo can’t wait to feast my eyes on the latest and hottest fashions – considering that not only is my ca-rEEr in fashion, but this trip will be my first REAL trip to Las Vegas, Nevada – what a dream! I can’t wait to tell the world every juicy detail, and live every beautiful moment that presents itself. I just know I’m going to meet so many wonderful people and connect with just the right buyers to sit their butts in my Santa Fe Fashion Week this September 17th-20th, and just the right designers to make the perfect fit for our brand! I finally get to meet Allie Ollie – whose fashions I absolutely love to #fashiongasm over (sorry, having much too much fun with twitter today), and see Aaron Fust of Syrup Swimwear who has his own #fashiongasm -worthy sexy-made-for-my-body-swimsuits-you-aren’t-getting-your-sample-suit-back-unless-you-give-me-one-yes-i’m-holding-it-for-ransom-it-fits-me-perfectly-Aaron swimsuits and whom also has been instrumental in helping Santa Fe Fashion Week grow from a small operation, to the behemoth it’s rapidly become by today. What an honor. Stay tuned for more of my random posts dishing about the greatest fashion trade show there is!