The Fashion Mind

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The Fashion Mind

When people walk down the street and see a bag with a designer name they usually just see how gorgeous the bag is or how it complements the woman’s outfit. When the fashion mind walks down a street and sees a bag they see not only the designer name but they see the texture, concept, and aesthetic in the design itself. This is what the fashion minded do. They see more than a mere name on the bag they see the cause and affect the designer has contributed to the fashion world.

They develop the eye for visuals for store displays or layouts that most people would consider dressing mannequins. The fashion mind exams the layout of the store by every detail. Examining the style of the current trends, finding decor to compliment the theme and colors that will draw the normal eye to the inside of the store. The fashion mind sees more then what a normal eye can see. They see potential in a thrift store find or run down old shoes. they make a whole new concept and idea to those items and create a look that can be thought of as vintage.

Those who posses this mind are greatly talented and truly are an amazing contribute to the fashion world. For without this talent we will never know the nor see the new ideas of fresh fashion minds willing to display designs and create garments for us to oh and awe over. We will never know what true beauty of a Anthropologie would look like without it’s visuals. We would never keep those old dresses in our closets awaiting the day to see them make a revival. That is why a fashion mind next to an intellectual mind is one of the best a person can posses.


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