28 Nov: Building Fashion Brands

Building Fashion Brands Often designers wonder how to create their fashion brands, and wonder where to start when branding themselves. Honestly, there are many books and articles out there – the more you read, the better. In this article, Stephen Cuomo, Executive Producer of Santa Fe Fashion Week, gives advice about pitfalls one can avoid when building fashion brands. -Amanda Caserta Branding Yourself Branding is where the money is. There is a need and calling for you to brand yourself and your fashion brand. All fashion brands have their loyalists. Top luxury brands such as Lexus, Tom Ford, and Wynn are high end brands that charge a premium for their perceived added value. Where does this value come from? In a word: Branding! “ “Consumers today are buying into a lot more then just a commodity” said Marc Beckman, co-founder of Designers Management Agency, which reps Proenza Schouler, Andre Leon Talley and Nicola…