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07 Sep: Experience Shopping by Stephen Cuomo

In a story in the New York times by Peter Grant, Grant interviews Mr Cuvillier who was brought in as Chief operating officer six years ago by Unibail-Rodamco SE, the largest listed commercial property owner in Europe. Mr. Cuvillier said he sees a bright future for what he calls “experience shopping,” an activity that combines shopping with dining and entertainment. Online shopping will never substitute for the social and consumer experience of visiting a store, especially one that is well designed. I visited such a store in down town Summerlyn Nevada, Lindbegh & Lindbergh Café, combining trendy men’s wear with a ultra-lounge, bar and light fair in one location. “The size of your brand on an iPad or computer is exactly the size of any other brand,” he pointed out. “Therefore it’s very difficult as a brand to differentiate yourself because your mixed with everybody else.” Stores also have other advantages:…

17 Jun: Izzy Martin – Nob Hill

    By Angela Groom, Intern Staff Writer. Walking into a men’s clothing store is a unique experience unlike many others. This is due in large part to the fact that there are so few men’s clothing boutiques. In Albuquerque there is only a handful. Women’s clothing boutiques are significantly more common.

17 Jun: Nob Hill Fabrics – Albuquerque

By Angela Groom, Intern Staff Writer. There is a void of good, quality natural fabric fibers in Albuquerque. Nob Hill Fabrics owner, Liz Frank, tries to carry what the big box stores do not. Frank opened Nob Hill Fabrics in March of 2011. On Thursday, June 2nd, Sephen Cuomo (Executive Producer and Founder of SFFW) conducted a vlog interview with Frank.

01 Jun: Kii Boutique – Nob Hill

  By Angela Groom, Intern Staff Writer. Santa Fe Fashion Week interviewed the owner of Kii (k2) boutique, Kayla Smith, on Friday the 20th of May. Smith is a recent alumni of the University of New Mexico. She opened the clothing store around September of last year, naming it after her childhood nickname “KK”.

AP Photo by Francois Mori

23 Jan: The Show Must Go On, Indeed: A response to Paris Fashion Week 2015

In case you missed it: The Original Story titled, “After Terror Attacks, the Show Must Go On for Paris Fashion” by Thomas Adamson Thomas Adamson can be followed at I was taken by the cover picture of the model wearing bearing the words, written on plastic, “Stop Terrorizing our World” Looking pale, with makeup almost hinting at “A Clockwork Orange” but more obviously the Eye of Horus, and maybe even hints of the Turkish Nazar: the evil eye protection talisman – made a striking and solid image in my heart. We live in a culture where our deepest sentiments are often printed on the front of a tshirt. Fashion is notoriously shallow. It is competitive. It is commercial. It is whitewashed. It is wasteful. It is harmful. There are many, many things ‘wrong’ with the world of Fashion today. It is at it’s best when it’s giving us something meaningful…

22 Dec: Featuring Seattle Fashion Incubator

Fashion Week Success and the role of the Fashion Incubator   I’ve often wondered what benefits could be made to a designer by their participation in a fashion incubator. Quite frankly, I myself have toyed with the idea of starting one in Santa Fe. As an ex-stockbroker, I am familiar with business incubators and have watched many businesses grow from incubator to a full-fledge business. As one of the Executive Producers for Santa Fe Fashion Week, I understand what is that we hope to achieve and the steps it takes to get there. Often, I have found that the expectations of designers who are new to the scene are not congruent to the reality of what a Fashion Week is and does. What a Fashion Week Is A Fashion Week is a springboard to success. We create the event and provide the venue. We generate and manage the huge amount…


28 Nov: Building Fashion Brands

Building Fashion Brands Often designers wonder how to create their fashion brands, and wonder where to start when branding themselves. Honestly, there are many books and articles out there – the more you read, the better. In this article, Stephen Cuomo, Executive Producer of Santa Fe Fashion Week, gives advice about pitfalls one can avoid when building fashion brands. -Amanda Caserta Branding Yourself Branding is where the money is. There is a need and calling for you to brand yourself and your fashion brand. All fashion brands have their loyalists. Top luxury brands such as Lexus, Tom Ford, and Wynn are high end brands that charge a premium for their perceived added value. Where does this value come from? In a word: Branding! “ “Consumers today are buying into a lot more then just a commodity” said Marc Beckman, co-founder of Designers Management Agency, which reps Proenza Schouler, Andre Leon Talley and Nicola…

Stephen Cuomo Executive Producer of Santa Fe Fashion Week Networking

20 Nov: Get Your Face Out of Your Cell Phone! – Network Fashion Like a Pro from Network Insider Stephen Cuomo

People that know me, know I am a big believer in networking. As a former insurance agent with Met Life and later a VP with Smith Barney I understand its value. Often at networking events I would meet people with a sphere of influence that could help me grow both my business as well as theirs. In the financial industry, we call these people “connectors” – the ones that know when money is in motion. This blog will help fashion professionals navigate the networking playing field. It’s Like Playing “Connect the Dots” CPAs are usually one of the first people that know when one of their clients have just come into a large sum of money be it the sale of a business, or their Real Estate holdings. I, in turn, might have a client that is in need of tax advise. I’ve seen divorce attorneys that have had clients…