17 Jun: Nob Hill Fabrics – Albuquerque

By Angela Groom, Intern Staff Writer. There is a void of good, quality natural fabric fibers in Albuquerque. Nob Hill Fabrics owner, Liz Frank, tries to carry what the big box stores do not. Frank opened Nob Hill Fabrics in March of 2011. On Thursday, June 2nd, Sephen Cuomo (Executive Producer and Founder of SFFW) conducted a vlog interview with Frank.

27 Jul: Part 2 of 2 – I’ve Missed You! (From Concept to Market…)

I’ve owed you guys this blog for quite sometime now! It’s been a busy month of calling buyers, running webpages (a big part of my day job) and helping to bring our 2014 Fashion Week event to you with a bang! We have so many more designers this year, and it’s also time to start putting out those press releases – not to mention we’re building our retail website… and I’m going to let it slip that we’re going to do some VERY exciting things within the 3D printing industry – just wait! It’s going to be so big, and it’s absolutely going to revolutionize the fashion industry – and we’re at the forefront! The implications for manufacturing are endless, and I just can’t wait to see what my lovelies come up with.  Don’t know what that means? You will soon! So speaking of industry, manufacturing, and being at the…