Stephen Cuomo Executive Producer of Santa Fe Fashion Week Networking

20 Nov: Get Your Face Out of Your Cell Phone! – Network Fashion Like a Pro from Network Insider Stephen Cuomo

People that know me, know I am a big believer in networking. As a former insurance agent with Met Life and later a VP with Smith Barney I understand its value. Often at networking events I would meet people with a sphere of influence that could help me grow both my business as well as theirs. In the financial industry, we call these people “connectors” – the ones that know when money is in motion. This blog will help fashion professionals navigate the networking playing field. It’s Like Playing “Connect the Dots” CPAs are usually one of the first people that know when one of their clients have just come into a large sum of money be it the sale of a business, or their Real Estate holdings. I, in turn, might have a client that is in need of tax advise. I’ve seen divorce attorneys that have had clients…