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By Angela Groom, Intern Staff Writer.

Santa Fe Fashion Week interviewed the owner of Kii (k2) boutique, Kayla Smith, on Friday the 20th of May. Smith is a recent alumni of the University of New Mexico. She opened the clothing store around September of last year, naming it after her childhood nickname “KK”.

Stephen Cuomo, the Founder and Executive Producer of Santa Fe Fashion Week, conducted a video interview with Smith.  During the interview, Smith was asked what inspired her to buy the styles and clothing lines that can be found in her boutique.

“I try to go for clothes that are trendy and unique. I pay close attention to what celebrities are wearing and what is being worn to festivals,” said Smith.

Smith runs the shop entirely on her own. She spends a lot of time scouring online market places, and sometimes trade shows, for the clothing lines she thinks will fit best in her store.

Smith’s boutique has received praise for being authentic and generally affordable. “All of the clothes in this store are normally under $100. The average price for an item here is around $50” Smith added.

Santa Fe Fashion week desired to showcase a taste or two of what could be found in the store. Cuomo invited along models for this purpose. He asked models Lexi and Bernae to don clothes of their choice from within the store.

Bernae wore the first look that was a square neck, boho-print dress designed by CALS. Its breathable fabric combined with light, earthy colors are cause for consideration as the perfect addition to any woman’s closet this summer.

Lexie sported a two-piece, halter and skirt combination. It was designed by L’atiste by Amy, featuring bohemian patterns and long slits up each side. This is a dress best worn with taupe open-toed heels by Cape Robbin. The two-piece is any Coachella festival-goer’s fashion dream.

Bernae modeled a cobalt blue midi dress designed by Do + Be. The dress semblances to be a two-piece, however, it is entirely connected from flap-top to bottom. Do + Be used light and dark shades of blue to achieve leaf-like patterns that are subtle but noticeable.

Lexi wore the last outfit, a black, cut-out romper by L’atiste. Any chic, boho-loving millennial should seriously consider this as the new and improved little black dress. The low cut top offers a night on the town while the cut out offers a sense of bold, playfulness.

Although millennials love their bohemian fashion, Kii boutique attracts a wide range of clientele from young to young at heart. This feature is one of the many reasons that Kii is an attractive edition to the boutiques of Nob Hill.

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