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17 Jun: Izzy Martin – Nob Hill

    By Angela Groom, Intern Staff Writer. Walking into a men’s clothing store is a unique experience unlike many others. This is due in large part to the fact that there are so few men’s clothing boutiques. In Albuquerque there is only a handful. Women’s clothing boutiques are significantly more common.

12 Nov: Boutique Owners Want Your Designer Label!

by Stephen Cuomo, Executive Producer Santa Fe Fashion Week Here Stephen Interviews Dara of Runway Apparel in Albuquerque on what she’s looking for – as a boutique owner – when looking at a new label/designer for her private boutique. Dara Ambriz, a self proclaimed fashionista and once-aspiring fashion designer, loves fashion and understands the business of fashion. In our conversation, she spoke about hosting a pop up store for a week or so to see how receptive her clients are to the new brand. She often visits trade shows as well as fashion weeks and finds the convenience of meeting with several designers at one event to be very convenient. Dara enjoys seeing what is latest and is in search of rising stars. I asked Dara if she buys the clothing out-right or if she does consignment. She said that depends on the individual designers. According to her, there is…

19 May: Fashionable Albuquerque! – What Brought Fashion Giant Nordstrom to the Soon-To-Be Revitalized Winrock Mall

Amongst widely publicized, quoted, and re-quoted criticism about fashion in Albuquerque and its dubious lack of, 113- year-old Fashion Retail Giant Nordstroms is expanding its reach to Albuquerque, NM at Winrock Mall. I couldn’t wait to get the scoop from Naiomi Tobis at the Nordstroms HQ Media Department in Seattle, WA about the companies’ excitement and motivation to join our community. It’s been a growing trend for awhile: high-end labels like Guess, Lucky, BCBG, and Michael Kors have been trickling into the area for quite some time, creating jobs and opportunity as well as quenching our thirst for haute couture. Steven Cuomo – the Executive Producer of Santa Fe Fashion Week – said, “With the influx of people who have moved to Albuquerque for its film industry, as well as for others like myself who have previously lived in larger cities – there is a craving to get their hands…