Boutique Owners Want Your Designer Label!

Runway Apparel is Interviewed by Stephen Cuomo of Santa Fe Fashion Week

a lovely model poses in the latest fashion from Albuquerque's Runway Apparel
both pictures credit Dara Ambriz and Sarah Stella Photography

by Stephen Cuomo, Executive Producer Santa Fe Fashion Week

Here Stephen Interviews Dara of Runway Apparel in Albuquerque on what she’s looking for – as a boutique owner – when looking at a new label/designer for her private boutique.

Dara Ambriz, a self proclaimed fashionista and once-aspiring fashion designer, loves fashion and understands the business of fashion. In our conversation, she spoke about hosting a pop up store for a week or so to see how receptive her clients are to the new brand. She often visits trade shows as well as fashion weeks and finds the convenience of meeting with several designers at one event to be very convenient. Dara enjoys seeing what is latest and is in search of rising stars. I asked Dara if she buys the clothing out-right or if she does consignment. She said that depends on the individual designers. According to her, there is a rise in the video look books she is receiving by email. Dara suggests that designers should do their homework before sending emails to boutiques and to make sure that their line makes sense for the store they are prospecting. She recommends starting in the city that you live in, but if you are looking to expand your foot print and cannot travel to the boutique to simply do some internet searches.
Personally, I would also ask questions like, “How active is the boutique on social media?”, and “What other lines do they carry?” Does the store offer a consignment deal how are their sales. It can be very expensive to make a line of clothing only to have it sit in someones store. Are the boutiques price-points and target audience inline with your brand?
Dara mentioned that some designers are more active then others and will call her store to setup appointments or see if they can email her a look book.
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Thank you Stephen for focusing on the business of fashion. I believe NM as a huge opportunity to have an impact in the fashion industry. We already have the entrepreneurial spirit and so much creativity. What we need is a boost in manufacturing and a network to get local designers to market.

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