Executive Producer Steve Cuomo’s “Business of Fashion” Blog Debut

20140719_160614-1I’ve decided to contribute to our fashion blog to cover the business side of fashion. I’ve been asked, “Who are you to produce a fashion week?” (not being a fashion designer) and better yet, “Why would you build a Fashion Week in New Mexico?”.  Surprising to many, early on I first began hosting fashion events in – of all cities – Albuquerque. My vision, at that time, was to connect people. I liked the idea of “building bridges”. What a wonderful tool Facebook has been! I always say social media can be used for both good or evil – and to occasionally post what you’ve had for dinner.

From companies going public, to stocks going bust, my background as a financial consultant at Merrill Lynch and later Smith Barney, have given me a special insight as to how money flows.  Although I’m not a fashion designer – I am an artist, and my canvas is a convention space. My medium are the fabulous fashions our designers provide to our Fashion Week. My blog is for my designer friends who have ambition in their eyes and passion running through their veins – for the person who has embarked upon a fashion career, a young person potting out their future, and the person considering the possibilities of changing careers to follow their dreams.

The fashion business, at the end of the day is still business. Follow us on our journey as we get ready to produce our third annual Santa Fe Fashion Week and launch our soon-to-come online retail store!

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You Got Talent Sir..!!!

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