Phoenix Rising – Monica Duran of Monista Arts

duranladiesMany of Monicas’ days are spent with her daughter, Destiny of Destinista Fashions in their beautiful boutique. Another day, flowing through her onto canvas, is her beautiful artwork. On another she’s creating fashionable jewelry and handbags to go along with her daughters fashion label. She’s modeling clothing and featuring her accessories and has even been found on a runway at local fashion shows!

It’s glamorous, wonderful, and a ton of work. There’s traveling and moving racks. In and out of cars, phone calls, planning, and appointments. Such is a day in the life of, but what most people wouldn’t know is just where all of that creative energy comes from. Monicas whirlwind days aren’t like most of us.

Monica is a survivor. A fighter. A beacon of strength for those of us who know and understand what it is to live with debilitating pain and suffering. She fights cancer, and lupus all while pursuing her dreams and supporting the dreams of her daughter. Weekly trips to the doctor are long. For a long time she was on medications that ravaged her body. Some of the most basic things that bring so many down, Monica has managed to overcome and become better from, growing and changing and becoming a more beautiful person every day for it. She makes natural, healthy choices for herself and cares for her mind and body. Deeply spiritual, Monica has leaned on her faith and beliefs through some of these trying times and is blossoming at a time when many of us are slowing down. Monica always seems to be just getting started.
You couldn’t meet a purer soul, and her intuitive designs are a blessing from someone who has endured so much and continues to produce her art to the world. “It has been almost like therapy” Says Monica “Sometimes I’m just sitting there – recently, I just began seeing so many faces, and that’s how I’ve come up with some of my most recent artwork.”

Not only that, her bags and hip, trendy fashion jewelry are sure to be a hit and pair very well with the exciting fashions from Destinista Fashions this year, whose fashions we’ll be seeing at our runway show at SFFW this year. A wonderful role model, she’s beginning work with PlusSize Liabion Magazine and has the opportunity to be working with Jetta Cruz – a notable model herself for the same magazine.

Santa Fe Fashion Week is based on building bridges and relationships with each other and our community. We seek to inspire and to be inspired by the work we do and the people we surround ourselves with. Monica has touched our heart in a way that is so profound through her constant dedication and heart. She’s been a true friend and has worked hard with us as a valuable sponsor and part of of our family.

All of our hearts were broken when her son Richie passed away early this year – April 3, 2014, leaving behind his two sons Richard andrichie Malaki. To loose a child is one of the most terrible pains one can endure and Monica has brought us along on her journey showing us that life can be celebrated even through the most terrible of pain. She’s found beauty in the dark. Her Facebook page is a diary guiding us all and showing the world her true strength and beauty.

Showing her mothers’ characteristic strength her daughter, Destiny, has also picked up the pieces and is living life by truly honoring her brothers memory be growing her dreams in her life – showcasing her own wonderful clothing line and participating in the fashion world.

The energy and passion is seen through Monica’s artwork, and through the pain and suffering and loss she has endured, and both of these strong, beautiful women have come up out of the ashes as beautiful and bright as a Phoenix rising.





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