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Model Behaviour: Kya Ross

Written by Autumn Mae
Original Post written June 7th, 2014


Kya Ross, Las Vegas Model, Fashion Blog

So sorry I have been absent. My head has been crazy working these internships and the features for my blog/ writing work for them will be in the features tab. Check out the links gorgeous people. Now today’s post will be on the rise of a Las Vegas model Kya Ross also known as Zuri. Building her portfolio in fashion by doing more then staying beautiful she is working on different designs for a future garment line. She loves doing what she does and when interviewing her I can tell she loves fashion. I took the time to ask her a few questions about her advice, fashion, and thoughts.

Autumn Mae: What thoughts went through your head during your first shoot?
Kya Ross: I was nervous of course, I watched the shows on tv and thought, oh I could do that. It was harder then I thought. Now I have this alter ego named Zuri who comes out when doing shoots. After I warmed up it felt natural.
CGDD: How do you bring your own style into today’s trends?
KR: If I wear a current trend then I would have my own east coast flavor and bring it in. I like being different and not dressing the same. I also like for my look to be more cultured and I bring my culture into my style when getting dressed.

Kya Ross, Las Vegas Model, Fashion, SFFW

CGDD: Who would be your dream to model for if you had the chance?
KR: I would have loved to model for the late Alexander McQueen, his designs and style was diffrent. I loved how he made things stand out and that’s my favorite thing about fashion. You can be different and not be like everyone else.
CGDD: What is your advice to future models?
KR: Cynthia Bailey ( from housewives of Atlanta) told me advice when I went to her modeling school. She told me you have to love what your doing and even if there are days you don’t want to do things you have to love it. Be realistic but don’t bring yourself down either. I’m 5″6 and I would be considered short for catwalks. There is more though in fashion, do commercials, catalogs,  and look books. If you have the heart to do it then go for it.

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